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We’ve had this pretty little blog template all ready to go for weeks now, but I’ve been struck with blog paralysis.  Where to start?  How to begin?  The empty layout just sits here, mocking me.  So for better or worse, I will take a stab at breaking this blog in.

The obvious place to start is with introductions.  So hi there!  I’m Lynn, and one-half of West Park Photography.  Andy is my partner in crime (& photography) and will undoubtedly be leaving his mark here as well soon.  We are in our first year as professional lifestyle & wedding photographers.  Like many other photographers in our field, what started out as a favor for a friend turned into a passion for creating once in a lifetime images for couples to treasure.

As for how we got our start taking pictures, it’s an amusing story.  We both borrowed (stole) our parents cameras.  Andy started off shooting with his dad’s Nikon, and I started off with my mom’s Canon FT-b.  We’ve both been serious camera collectors and photography geeks since high school.  To add to the coincidences, both of our cameras were regrettably stolen in our 20′s – and this is before we met, mind you!

Today we shoot with digital cameras and I have the distinction of having recently won Andy over to greener pastures – that is, he made the switch from Nikon to Canon!

Besides photography, we share a mutual love of Vespa motorscooters – in fact we can credit a certain plum vespa in my garage to us first meeting – a story we will share at a later date.  We love music, geeky things, office supplies, going to the farmer’s market, and checking the status of the tomatoes currently growing in our garden.  We share our home with 3 hardluck kitties, and a rambunctious half-chocolate, half-yellow lab with a pink nose.

Welcome to our life and images.  icon smile Getting our blog on....

vespas Getting our blog on....