Sneak Peek: Jim & Nicole

August 20, 2008 |  by  |  Weddings  |  Share

Eeeeek! Talk about a last minute affair! We booked Jim & Nicole’s wedding the night before! (Ladies, this is what happens when you put the groom in charge of something!) Hehe, seriously though, Jim & Nicole are friends of friends and when we knew they were in a pinch we had to help them out.

We’ve had a small computer meltdown here that has slowed us down a bit, so while we finish the rest of our editing, here are a couple of my current favorites:
jimnicole1 Sneak Peek:  Jim & Nicole

This hankerchief was a family heirloom so I had to get a shot with the rings on it.  I really love the way this looks in black and white.   Instant classic.

jimnicole2 Sneak Peek:  Jim & Nicole

Thanks Nicole & Jim for giving us the opportunity to document your day.  Your proofs will be up soon, I promise!  icon smile Sneak Peek:  Jim & Nicole