E-Session: Kim & Joe

October 17, 2008 |  by  |  Engagement  |  Share

Kim & Joe are getting married tomorrow!  We met up with them a few weeks ago at Mill Race Historic Village in Northville for their engagement session.  It turns out we picked the busiest day possible to be there – a mall photographer was having outdoor sessions, so there were photographers and families everywhere.  It was crazy!

When I saw the rich  colors in this building, I had this shot in my mind and I’m geeked that it turned out exactly the way I was envisioning.  I love, love, love these colors.

kimjoe0 E Session: Kim & Joe

They looked at each other like this all day:

kimjoe1 E Session: Kim & Joe

It seems like even when we don’t plan it, we always end up shooting by water.

kimjoe2 E Session: Kim & Joe

kimjoe3 E Session: Kim & Joe

Now I know three ring pictures are overkill, but trying to decide between these was like trying to pick my favorite kid.  Not that I have kids.  But you know what I mean.

ring1 E Session: Kim & Joe

ring2 E Session: Kim & Joe

ring3 E Session: Kim & Joe

That last shot was another one that I just knew what I wanted, and I got the ring situated just right and I was too short, even on tippy toes to get the shot, so I had to pass off to Andy.  He says I don’t give him enough credit here, so there you go – this is Andy’s shot!

(Honestly, the weird thing is that when I’m editing, I can barely remember who shot what.)

kimjoe6 E Session: Kim & Joe

Cuteness overload:

kimjoe7 E Session: Kim & Joe

Whew….blogged in the nick of time!  We are excited for your wedding tomorrow!