Wedding: Kim & Joe, Part 1

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Some of you may remember Kim and Joe from their earlier e-session.  Their wedding took place on October 18, in Farmington Hills, MI.  They could not have picked a better date.  It was a glorious fall day, the leaves were in peak color, and it was just cool enough for the air to feel crisp, but not uncomfortably so.  As a photographer, I tend to follow a lot of photographers’ blogs and I’ve noticed a trend -  a LOT of wedding photographers mentioned their anniversaries last month.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  For the record, I decided long ago that if I ever get married, I will be an October bride as well.

The bride and groom got ready at the historical Longacre House, which is also where their reception took place.  This was our first time shooting in this venue and it was fantastic.  The location of getting reading photos can often be a toss up.  You’re not always lucky enough to shoot in a beautiful, turn-of-the-century home.  The girls had a luxurious suite made up of a large, sun-filled sleeping porch and sitting room, while the guys had their own suite with a widescreen TV and poker table.

02 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

Before I get too deep into this post, I want to give a quick shout out to Dustin Steller, creator of the Steller Lightroom Presets.  As photographers, it seems like there is always some new tool marketed towards us, so I have to admit, I was a little dubious when Andy announced that he had purchased these.  But I quickly fell in love.   When you are editing hundreds of pictures in one sitting, anything that makes the job faster and easier is appreciated. And at $40, these are some of the most reasonably priced presets I’ve seen.

Now, on with the photos!

How GORGEOUS is Kim in this photo?

03 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

I’m going to apologize now because I am going to post a LOT of dress pictures, but I was just happy that we had such a beautiful backdrop to frame them in.

04 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

05 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

As is always the case, the guys were done and ready to go in about two and a half minutes flat, so they ran outside with Andy.

06 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

Did I mention how much I loved the getting ready room?  It had a couple great mirrors that were really fun to work with.

07 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

This is one of my new favorite images:

08 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

Kim & Joe decided to see each other before the wedding.  I know this can be a point of contention for some couples – but as photographers, Andy and I LOVE when couples decide to do this.  It is often times more intimate than seeing each other in the church and especially for late season weddings, the light is usually better than it will be after the ceremony.

Joe & Kim recited vows to each other privately while their family looked on from a distance.

09 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

As you can see, the moms totally approved.   icon smile Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

10 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1
Say hello to Miss Olivia, cutest flower girl ever!

11 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

A quiet moment before the ceremony started:

12 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

13 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

This post is getting so huge that I’m going to break it up into two parts.  The reception, featuring the best Dancing Ringbearer for 2008 will be coming soon.  I’m a detail-orientated type of girl though, so I’ll leave you with some detail shots.

14 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

What happens when you can’t choose between cake and cupcakes?  You get both!  Kim & Joe’s tree stump cake was adorable and the cupcakes were a hit as well.  The butterfly theme carried over into Kim’s bouquet.

Every new ring shot I take is my Favorite. Ring. Shot. Ever.  It is so true in the case of this wedding:

15 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

16 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

I will admit, I totally had a chip on my shoulder after I snapped that last one.  Andy is rolling his eyes right now reading this.

Kim & Joe – thank you SO much for letting us be a part of your perfect fall wedding.  There were so many great details from the handcarved pumpkins to the dinosaur-clad raffle ticket attendants and so much more that I can’t squeeze into one post alone.  We were thrilled to be part of your big day. icon smile Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

kimjoe16 Wedding:  Kim & Joe, Part 1

Stay tuned for Part 2!