Goodbye Fall, Hello Website

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Well it’s official people.  It’s December.  Can someone explain how that happened?  The older I get, the faster time seems to pass, and in some ways, it’s down right scary.  Wasn’t in summer just two seconds ago?

I’ve been kind of going back and forth trying to decide if I should post personal stuff here, or just keep it strictly photo biz related.  As our wedding schedule slows down, it seems like I better come up with something to fill the void, because I don’t want anyone stumbling upon this blog and thinking it’s abandoned.  So I hope you will indulge my occasional personal posts.

Before we get to that though, one official West Park related item – our new website is up!  We are pleased to finally have finished a complete overhaul of the old site.  We now have a much larger variety of images, and they load a lot (a LOT) bigger.  We are really excited about it.  icon smile Goodbye Fall, Hello Website

For those of you wondering about what happened to our kids portfolio – we will be starting a separate website just for that.  While wedding photography is our passion and something we intend to focus on, we are hoping to expand our kids & family portrait photography in Grosse Pointe and the surrounding area.  But I said this post wasn’t going to be all business-related right?  icon smile Goodbye Fall, Hello Website

Instead, let me share a couple images we took over the last couple months that aren’t wedding related.

fall Goodbye Fall, Hello Website

This is what our street looked like about 2 weeks ago.  One of the defining characteristics of Grosse Pointe, in my mind, is our amazing trees.  Fall is an unbelievably beautiful time of the year here.  I actually took this from the second story window of our house, in the room we recently re-did to make our home office.  I felt bad for our poor neighbor across the street though, her entire yard was at least a foot thick with leaves!  I feel very lucky to live where we do.  Grosse Pointe is known for being a rather affluent community, but there are pockets of affordable homes – to the surprise of a lot of people not familar with the area.  We definitely do NOT live in a mansion on the lake.  icon smile Goodbye Fall, Hello Website   But we do live in an area that has a lot of old fashioned character, beautiful homes, and easy access to lakefront views.

captain Goodbye Fall, Hello Website

This one is from mid-summer, at the lakefront park near our house.  I just loved this guy looking out to sea with his captain’s hat and the lighthouse in the background.

I can’t talk about Grosse Pointe without posting one of my favorite photos.  We sold a couple prints of the image below, which Andy shot, at a photo show we did this summer.  Believe me, this web version does not do it justice, it is absolutely gorgeous in print!

gpacademy Goodbye Fall, Hello Website

Finally, a couple weeks ago,  Andy and I visited Stony Creek Metro Park with our lab Abby for a bit of walking and photo-taking.  We were probably a week too early to really catch the peak of the fall color, but we still got some great photos.  Here is one Andy took – isn’t the light amazing?

andy plant Goodbye Fall, Hello Website

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a relaxing long weekend!