Wedding: Jean & Elie

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Whew, howdy everyone!  Hope you all had a good holiday.  I’m feeling a bit behind because I had the worst flu ever over the New Year’s holiday and all the stuff I planned to do got set back.  But I’m getting back on track and catching up on work.  Two days after Christmas we had the pleasure of shooting Erin & Ian’s wedding at River Birch Lodge in Hartland, MI.  What a fantastic venue!  Our next post will be full of December wedding goodness, but first I have to show off Jean & Elie’s wedding.

01 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

Jean & Elie not only saw each other before the wedding, but Elie was there as she was getting ready.  In fact, a round of impromtu dancing started off in the room Jean was getting her make-up done, which pretty much set the tone for the whole day – these two know how to party!

While the wedding party was gathered downstairs playing Wii, Andy and I found a quiet spot upstairs to shoot some dress photos:

02 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

I hitched a ride with the wedding party in their limo and we arrived at St. Mary’s Antiochian Church – which is just gorgeous, by the way.

This is one of my favorite “down the aisle” photos of this year I think.

03 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

04 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

05 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

06 Wedding:  Jean & Elie


07 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

The reception took place at Bint Jebail Cultural Center in Dearborn, MI.  It was our first time there and we were really impressed – it is elegant and lovely.  And the food….well, see for yourself.

08 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

Rather than doing a receiving line or immediately sitting down at the head table, the wedding party was announced and gathered on the dance floor.  When Jean & Elie were introduced, a drummer appeared and led them to the dance floor and every guest there was on their feet and joining in this HUGE celebratory dance.  The energy was amazing!  Talk about starting the reception off with a bang!  We had never seen anything like it, it was fantastic.

09 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

10 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

How gorgeous is this cake?  This is a perfect example of the people at Bint Jebail doing things up right.  I can’t tell you how often we see cakes just sitting forlornly on a simple white table cloth.  This cake table was swathed in extra fabric, with rose petals everywhere.  It just gave everything a little extra pop.  Plus it didn’t hurt that the background was pretty and appealing.  Brides – it’s very simple to dress up the cake table a little bit and make your cake photos really pop.  Talk to your venue.  And if you are stuck with a boring white wall for a background, try something fun and funky like putting a colored spotlight on the floor behind the cake.

11 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

The first dance – which was actually the second first dance, because they came in dancing.  icon smile Wedding:  Jean & Elie

12 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

This kid?  SO full of awesome!

13 Wedding:  Jean & Elie

This guy killed on the dance floor.  And he knew it too.  In fact he came up to me and matter-of-factly told me that he was leaving and that I better take this opportunity to shoot him one more time before he left the building.  That’s how cool he was.

Jean & Elie – your wedding was beautiful, elegant, and full of vibrant people and infectious energy.  Thank you for allowing us to document your day for you and learn more about your culture.  And seriously, tell me who that kid is above because I want to be his facebook friend.  icon smile Wedding:  Jean & Elie