Erin & Ian’s Wedding at Riverbirch Lodge

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That’s so Erin” was a phrase I heard more than once on December 27th.  Erin & Ian’s wedding was the last of the season for us, and it stood out for many reasons.  It was  a new venue to us – the fabulously charming & rustic Riverbirch Lodge in Hartland, MI.  We had the opportunity to try out a new piece of equipment – a video light which produces this yummy effect that reminds me of old Hollywood.  But mostly it stood out for Erin & Ian’s complete attention to detail and determination to make their wedding their own, no compromises.   From the minute we walked in we knew this one was going to be special.
erin ian blog1 Erin & Ians Wedding at Riverbirch Lodge

I absolutely LOVED her hair, it was perfect.  Erin strikes me as the kind of girl who enjoys simplicity and beauty.  Every detail, from her classic hairstyle to her handmade favors, reinforced that idea.

erin ian blog2 Erin & Ians Wedding at Riverbirch Lodge

After the other relatives had gone downstairs to get seated, Erin & her sister had a few quiet moments together as she finished getting ready.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Okay, and I know it may be a bit ridiculous to post yet another picture of her awesome shoes, but the colors in this picture just make me happy.

erin ian blog3 Erin & Ians Wedding at Riverbirch Lodge

Say hello to the groom!

erin ian blog5 Erin & Ians Wedding at Riverbirch Lodge

The ceremony was slightly delayed while we waited for all the guests to arrive, so Andy and I took the opportunity to do a quick series of portraits with Erin using our new toy – the Lowel ID video light.

erin ian blog6 Erin & Ians Wedding at Riverbirch Lodge

There are so many good ones I really had a hard time picking what to use for the blog.   Isn’t she gorgeous?!??  LOVE IT.

erin ian blog4 Erin & Ians Wedding at Riverbirch Lodge

Here’s are Erin’s rings.  Ian’s ring matches hers too – I really should have put up a picture showing all three.  I’m assuming these are custom made, but I didn’t have time to ask Erin about them.  I love the character these rings have.  One more thing that’s just so them.

erin ian blog7 Erin & Ians Wedding at Riverbirch Lodge

Their officiant was outstanding.  I know that sounds a little weird to say, but he was really great.  Their service incorporated readings and words of wisdom from different cultures and it was really interesting.  It really stood out for me as one of the most enjoyable ceremonies of the year.  In keeping with a Jewish tradition (another culture they decided to embrace) immediately after the ceremony, they retired to their room to spend their first 5 minutes as a married couple alone.  I love that idea.  It’s also a great way for brides on a timeline to graciously circumvent a 30 minute receiving line from spontaneously happening.  In Erin & Ian’s case, since their ceremony and reception were at the same venue, it put some space between the two events, and gave them a chance to get away so they could make their grand appearance as the reception kicked off.  It also allowed the guests to have time to transition from one space to the other.   So not only was it a touching and romantic gesture between the two of them, but it was brilliant logistically as well.

erin ian blog8 Erin & Ians Wedding at Riverbirch Lodge

Instead of a formal seated dinner, their guests enjoyed a strolling supper catered by Holiday Market Catering, which did a fabulous job.  The food was incredible.  Guests mingled throughout the evening from one seating area to another.  There actually wasn’t any dancing at the reception.  I heard Erin wasn’t too into dancing, which I can totally respect because I the exact same way.  The envelopes and paper cranes in the photo above were handmade by Erin.  Each origami crane was a Christmas orament with beading.  They were so beautiful!  I love that she made them herself too.

As for the random kitty, well he was the Lodge Cat.  From what I gather, the Riverbirch Lodge is a private residence during the week and is rented out for events.  Kitty lives at the Lodge, even when there’s an event going on.  He stayed in this circular basket 99% of the time we were there and didn’t move.  It was pretty funny.  I heard the next morning that Mr. Kitty actually crashed the Honeymoon Suite during the night.   Ha!

Finally, I thought I’d end with this picture, because I loved this mirror:

erin ian blog9 Erin & Ians Wedding at Riverbirch Lodge

THANK YOU to Erin & Ian for choosing us to capture your wedding day.  It was a beautiful event and we feel lucky to have been there.  And thank you for having such excellent taste in music.  It was really nice trading the Electric Slide in for Iron & Wine.  icon smile Erin & Ians Wedding at Riverbirch Lodge

Want to see more?  Their slideshow is up here, and if you are a guest and have the password, you can view their proofs right here.