Email Issues and Spring Dates Still Available!

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Just a brief F.Y.I.:

Email was down for almost 16 hours today (Feb 10th, 2009) due to a GMail hiccup. After many Support requests, emails are just now slowly trickling in. (11:58 PM).

If you did not hear from us, you can call us at the studio line at: 313.915.2302 or wait, and we will get to you, we promise.

In the mean time, we had a great weekend off to do some photography for ourselves and for fun. Here’s one from Belle Isle in Detroit of the crazy 2 story Ice Sculpture. See more at our Flickr pages here:

Andy’s Flickr
and Lynn’s Flickr

belleisle2 Email Issues and Spring Dates Still Available!

In other news, we still have some prime spring dates available. Contact us for details.