Back to Belle Isle

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3 1 09 blog 2 Back to Belle Isle

I’m still waiting impatiently for it to get warmer.  This has been the longest, and coldest winter I can remember in a long time – and I really promise I’m not just saying that.  We took the opportunity yesterday to spend a few minutes somewhere warm, and humid.  The last part normally wouldn’t be something I’d be excited about, but it’s so dry here – it’s done a number on our skin.  I also very badly wanted to see something green, and alive.  I’ve totally given up on spring ever arriving.

We headed back to Belle Isle – which if you aren’t familiar with the area, is a large island park in Detroit.  (I know you are thinking “Detroit….island….park???” but it really exists!)  The photos in the post below of the mammoth glacier thing were also taken there.  This time though we skipped the ice in favor of flowers and went to the conservatory.  It was wet, alive, green, and most importantly, 70 degrees.  I may go back next weekend with a book and just hang out and try real hard to pretend I’m in Florida.

3 1 09 blog 1 Back to Belle Isle

After spending far too little time soaking up the warmth, we left the conservatory and went home to watch Gran Torino.  The entire movie was shot in Michigan – thanks to the new tax incentives here for film producers – and a few scenes actually were filmed very close to our house.  The church in the opening sequence is in Grosse Pointe Park – in fact, it’s so close by we can hear the church bells from our house.  We are shooting a wedding there this August.  The hardware store featured later on in the movie is two blocks away from us – part of the “West Park” neighborhood of Grosse Pointe Park, which we got our name from.  The movie was great – I liked it a lot more than I expected.  And it was neat to see some familiar places.  There’s more info about where the scenes were shot here, if you are interested.

Earlier this week we met some great photographers and have something awesome brewing in the works.  I’m going to wait until it’s more official before sharing further,  but we are SO excited!  Also, I have more pictures coming soon of some new product samples.