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[Edit:  We get tons of hits from google for people searching for "yellow lab, pink nose" and related terms.  I just recently found out there actually is a name for Abby's unique coloring.  While she is a pure Labrador Retriever, she scored some unique double-recessive genes that gives her this coloring.  They call these labs "Dudleys".  Apparently some snobby people at the AKC have decided this is an undesirable trait, but I think she's beautiful, and I am always getting compliments on how pretty she is.  She expresses both the genes of a yellow lab (hence her coat) and a chocolate lab (explaining the light eyes and pink nose). So as far as I'm concerned she's TWICE as much lab!  :)

I've been answering questions about her since I got her, from people that were sure she was a  mixed breed.  I always assumed her coloring was from being a chocolate-yellow mix, I just didn't realize that genetically it's very rare even with chocolates and yellows to get this unique look.  But now I have proof about how awesome she is.  If you are looking for more info, there's a good explanation of all of this here, and also here.  And there's a flickr group devoted to Dudleys here.  If you have a dudley, give me a shout in the comments and leave a link to a picture!]  :)

Say hello to the yellowest, tail-waggiest member of the West Park Photography team.

wpp blog 1 Abby Labby

Abby is a three year old Labrador Retriever.  Her momma was a yellow lab and her dad was a chocolate lab.  Abby has a honey-colored coat that’s just a little bit different from a yellow lab’s color and the pinky-brown nose and light eyes of a chocolate lab.  She was a birthday present from my parents when I was living alone in Florida.  (See unbearbly cute puppy pictures here.  Wish I had actually used a *real* camera for those and not a point and shoot.)

People with golden retrievers and labs like to say that after age 2, the dogs settle down.  This was certainly true for my parents beautiful goldens.  This has NOT been the case with Abby.  This dog is crazy!  Don’t let this  photo of her looking all calm fool you.  She can jump like 5 feet up in the air, straight up, with no running start.  She also runs unlike any dog I have ever seen.  She used to keep up with the whippets and greyhounds at the dog park when she was little.  I think she’s faster now.  There is something about watching this dog run that just makes you know everything is right in the world.  It sounds cheesy, but it’s beautiful to watch.  We are going to have to get some footage with our flip mino once it gets warmer out.  icon smile Abby Labby

Abby responds to the following nicknames:  Abby Labby, Abigail Peaches (my dad’s contribution), Barka (my brother’s -and a very fitting nickname), Abbington (my grandfather came up with that one), and Abigail Jane VanBabby (don’t even ask).  She likes mud, beaches, kiddie polls, running off leash, wrestling with her cousins (my parents’ dogs), and rides in the covertible.  She is terrified of the mailman and our black cat (okay, we are ALL afraid of him).

So there you have it.  We are HUGE animal lovers and I’m looking forward to an upcoming engagement session we are shooting because the couple is bringing their Golden.  They may or may not get him back, because Abby sure likes those goldens.  I think it’s the hair.  If you’d like to incorporate your pet into a photo session, by all means let us know, we are totally game.