New Product: Storyboards!

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wpp blog 7 New Product: Storyboards!

I’ve been holding off on posting about this until the one I ordered as a surprise gift was delivered to a client.  But I think it’s safe now.  icon smile New Product: Storyboards!

We are now offering storyboards!   These are available in 10 x 10 and larger sizes and you have your choice of a styrene-mounted print or a stand-out or canvas wrapped print.  The styrene-mounted option is shown in these photos.

Wait, I think some definitions are in order:

Styrene Mount: Each print is lightly textured, adding depth and dimension, and then it is permanently mounted on to a sturdy plastic-like material.  This results in a print that’s practically indestructible.  I wouldn’t run it over with your car or use it as a fetch toy, but you can absolutely display it on an easel, just like shown above.  Framing is not necessary, though you can go that route too if you want to keep it old school.

Stand-Out: Like it sounds, the print is mounted on a much thicker piece of material, so it pops out from the wall.  I’ll post pictures to the blog soon.

Canvas Wrap: The most dramatic of options, the image is actually printed on canvas and stretched over a frame, just like a painting.    While you can frame this if you wish, the trendy thing right now is to hang it on the wall as is.  Classy, modern, and cool.

wpp blog 4 New Product: Storyboards!

I love these for weddings because you can capture all the little details from the event and show them off.

Just in case you are totally getting sick of my blue walls, here’s a different view:

wpp blog 5 New Product: Storyboards!

Want one?  Give us a call!   icon smile New Product: Storyboards!