Bill’s Proposal!

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One of the most enjoyable shoots we did last year was Chris & Jess’s proposal.  It was also probably one of the most nerve-wracking.  How do we make sure the bride doesn’t get tipped off?  How do we stay out of sight?  WHAT IF SHE DOESN’T SAY YES?  So many variables floating around!  But that said, nothing is more exhilarating to photograph.  This is an event that’s so rarely captured, yet is such a cherished memory.

We were geeked when Bill contacted us a few weeks ago and asked us to photograph his propsal to Dawn.  Bill was going to take Dawn for a quick stroll through a local park – a special place for them.  We were supposed to pretend we were there shooting stock images for the park’s website.  And we needed a “couple picture”.  Yeah right!

We got there early and waited….Andy had met Bill earlier that week, but I hadn’t been there.  So I was pretty useless at scouting out the happy couple.  Finally we see them approach – we stalk them for a little bit and then interrupt them and ask if they’d mind posing for some photos.  We ask them to cuddle up close to each other, where I deliver an Emmy-award winning doubletake and ask “Wait, you are a couple, right??”.  Yeah, I’m smooth like that!  Dawn totally thought we were just weirdos at that point, not weirdos about to photograph her propsal!

We had this whole scenario worked out with Bill where we would do a couple shots for “the park” and then do a few “couple” shots for them as a thank you for being good sports.  We planned it so Dawn would be a few feet in front of Bill and then I’d have her turn around and face him and he’d be on his knee.

dawnbill1 Bills Proposal!

This image cracks me up.   Bill’s got that all-knowing grin going on and Dawn’s just like “Okay, if we do this, will these weirdos go away?”

dawnbill2 Bills Proposal!


dawnbill3 Bills Proposal!

Of course, no proposal shoot would be complete without some bling:

dawnbill4 Bills Proposal!

This couple will be getting one of our mini-albums to mark the occasion.  We’ll post some pictures once it’s completed, it will be adorable, I’m sure.

Congratulations to you both!  We wish you the very best and we hope you have a wonderful wedding!

EDIT:  I forgot to add, their slideshow is here!