Comments Rock! And so do free prints!

June 2, 2009 |  by  |  Promotions  |  Share

We’ve been so busy the last few weeks between shooting two weddings in May, and getting together lots of yummy products in preparation for our June weddings.   Not that we are complaining, mind you!  icon smile Comments Rock!  And so do free prints!   But I completely neglected to mention a new thing we want to try out with our 2009 brides when I posted about Valerie’s wedding.

We love comments.  We love hearing from our clients, their friends and family, and even other photographers.  And I know our clients get a warm fuzzy feeling reading the comments about their weddings.  In order to promote and encourage this love-fest, we’ve decided to offer an incentive for commenting to our wedding event posts.

comment damask Comments Rock!  And so do free prints!

The image above basically sums it up – we will be giving a complimentary enlargement to each couple who’s blog post recieves 30 or more comments.  In order to make it fun for the people commenting, everyone that participates will be automatically entered in a drawing for their choice of a $10 iTunes or Starbucks gift card.  Or Amazon.  Whatever floats your boat and is easy for me to get my hands on.  icon smile Comments Rock!  And so do free prints!

The only restriction is that only one comment per person will count towards the total.  So if Aunt Sally wants to comment 1, 423 times, that’s rad, but it’s not gonna help the total.   And as for the “spammy” comments, anything completely devoid of value will be considered a spam post.  (Like if you post gibberish, or the same thing 20 times.)  I”m not expecting this to be an issue, but I just wanted to cover our butts anyway.

Two final things – we will count comments 30 days after the event is posted.  In Valerie & Nick’s case, the clock starts right now.  And secondly, all of the comments submitted to our blog have to be approved, so don’t freak if your comment doesn’t show up instantly.  We have it and will approve it.

I think that’s it!  If you have a question about the promotion, post a comment here.  Otherwise, let’s get the party started with Valerie & Nick’s wedding post.  They already have 7 comments, they just need 23 more!