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Hey everybody!  Just wanted to share a couple photos of some new 5×5 albums that we recently received in the studio.   This is probably the third post I’ve made about mini albums, and I promise you, there will be more.  I just love them.  They are great little companions to go with your main wedding album, and they are a good size to keep in your purse, or leave out on your desk.  Plus they just feel good to thumb through.  The album company we use offers a nice variety of covers, with great colors and textures.  I love to pet them!

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I have a bad habit of randomly ordering these little albums in colors that I think will look cool, even before I have a good idea of what I’m going to use the album for.  That was the case for this one, a 5×5 in Hollywood Orange.  The swatch card it’s from is called Garbo, and it’s a suede-like fabric with a little bit of nap to it.  It feels soft and has this nice tactile quality.  We had the sample sitting in our studio for awhile and I was so excited with Bill & Dawn decided to use that very color for their proposal album.

Here’s a spread from their album:

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One of the reasons we recommend going with a square album is because a lot of time our clients selections for an album will have both vertical and horizontal orientated photos.  If they ordered a 5×7 album, the vertical photos would be the full size of the book – 5×7 – but the horizontal images would either have to be cropped square or be sized a lot smaller, leaving a lot of blank page in the book.  With a square format book, everything has a little bit of white space, but the image sizes remain pretty consistent.  And we generally will crop a few images square to have some full bleed images as well.  The borders are optional, and we have a couple different styles to choose from.  I think they make the books look so classy – I especially love this treatment for our boudoir albums.

Wondering about the white gloves?  That’s our standard way of handling any books going to clients, in order to guarantee that they are in perfect shape when we deliver them.  icon smile More Album Goodness | Michigan Wedding Photographers

Another book we recently received is a 5×5 in Tourmaline.  This fabric is vegan-leather, but it has the substantial feel of leather and has a really pretty, metallic-looking finish.  It reminds me of a gemstone.  I’ve been intrigued with this fabric for awhile, but it was hard to really visualize from a swatch how it would work for a book.  I think it’s gorgeous though.  I’d love to do this in a larger book.

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wpp prod 6 More Album Goodness | Michigan Wedding Photographers

I like this photo because it really shows off how shiny and metallic this book looks.  It would be absolutely rad when combined with metallic prints.

These books can be ordered with any session – and come in 10 photo and 20 photo sizes.  Pages can be black or white and there are a ridiculous number of cover options available – silks, brocades, vegan leather, real leather, etc.  We also offer these in 3×3, 5×5, 8×8 or other custom sizes.