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June 25, 2009 |  by  |  Engagement  |  Share

Okay you guys want to hear something amazing? Remember these two couples from our earlier blog posts?

kelly eric amanda dave Its a Crazy World  |  Detroit Wedding Photographers

On the left is Kelly & Eric, who got married this June, and on the right is Amanda & Dave, who are getting married this August.

We photographed Amanda & Dave in Chicago at the beginning of May, and then photographed Kelly & Eric at the end of May. The e-session was our first time meeting Eric so we grabbed some coffee and got to know each other better before our shoot. Eric mentioned he was from the small town of Fenton, MI. One of us remembered that Dave was also from Fenton and we brought it up. Eric said he knew Dave! Ha. So that’s interesting and all, but it’s a small town right? Not that huge of a deal.

…….Until…..we loaded both couple’s images up on Facebook. Kelly took a look at Amanda & Dave’s session and realized Amanda looked familiar……they had went to high school together!!!!! How random is that? Amanda & Dave have lived all over the country since high school and now reside in Chicago. Kelly & Eric have lived in the Detroit suburbs for awhile. But both of them managed to find us and book us for their weddings, which are just two months apart! You have to love how small the internet is making the world. icon smile Its a Crazy World  |  Detroit Wedding Photographers