A lazy summer? I wish.

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We’ve been a little lax on the blogging lately, so I just wanted to pop in here real quick with a little update.  Despite the lack of blog posts, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes.  We’ve been busy meeting with couples planning their 2010 weddings.  (Does anyone else catch themselves saying “oh-ten” for 2010 instead of just “ten”? )  We also attended a very intensive 3-day photography workshop, where we got to meet a lot of great photographers and make some new friends.   Not to mention taking a lot of fun photos – which involved climbing out of a window onto the roof of a huge industrial complex at sunset in downtown Detroit….so in other words, it was pretty awesome!

We’ve also been busying editing our last few weddings, and we will have two three new ones to show you shortly.  And like last year, we accepted another last minute booking – this time for an intimate backyard wedding – which was honestly was an absolute joy to photograph.  On top of this, we’ve been busy fulfilling print orders, creating albums, and networking with wedding industry professionals.  So whew, yeah…busy summer.  In fact I am in SHOCK that August is already upon us.  Where did summer go?  Our vegetable garden has transformed into an unruly mess, so I have proof of the passage of time, but seriously, it feels like the last 3 months went by in a blink.

In addition to a lot of busy work, we’ve also been continuing to invest in our gear.  We are always evaluating our needs and seeing what we can invest in to bring the best value to our clients.  In addition to upgrading to the Canon 5D Mk II earlier this year, we’ve recently acquired some fun new lenses.  But I’ll save that post for another day.  icon smile A lazy summer?   I wish.

Of course I have to include a photo, so here is one I snapped recently at the Grosse Pointe Board of Realtors Art & Garden Tour.  We photographed all the gardens and I met a dog that looks EXACTLY like Abby.  Which is kind of a rare thing because Abby has very unusual coloring for a labrador.  We also were treated to a lot of inspiration on how to transform our own yard.  If only we had the time for it.  Would anyone  like some severely overgrown arborvitaes?  Come and see me, ok?  icon smile A lazy summer?   I wish.

bumblebee2009 A lazy summer?   I wish.