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Hey everybody!  I just wanted to share two photos from weddings this season illustrating how some of our clients are using our photos at their receptions.  We were recently asked at a bridal consult what the point of an engagement or bridal session was.  First and foremost, a pre-wedding photo session is all about you getting to know us, and vice versa.  That is the main reason we decided to include a complementary session with every wedding we book.  We want to have the chance to break the ice, find out more about your personalities and get a feel for what kind of style appeals to you.  Based off that, we may make recommendations on your wedding day for places to go for pictures, or things we can do to make your wedding images really unique and reflective of you and your fiance.

But all that said, we can also whip together some really cool things that will have your guests talking at the reception.  Something that’s been very popular this year for us is photo guestbooks.  We take your favorite images from your engagement sessions and print a coffee-table style book, leaving a lot of extra white space so your guests have room to sign.  I think these are so fun, and way, way cooler than the old lined sign-in book.  And I’m not just saying that to sell guestbooks, I promise.  :)

The biggest issue I have with old fashioned guestbooks is that  most of them are designed so many people sign ONE page….so you are left with a book that’s 75% blank.  It also tends to end up being a list of people’s addresses rather than an actual memento.  Photo guestbooks have a photo on just about every page, and just enough white space so your guests can write something meaningful yet give your book a very well-loved and well written-up appearance.  It also is a great place to showcase your engagement images – which really is a special time that isn’t well documented in most people’s lives.

kelly guestbook Products in the Wild

We can design your book to be clean and simple, or have it coordinate with your wedding colors, or any other graphic elements you are using in your wedding.   Some people have actually opted to order two books – one for guests to write in, and a “clean” copy to store away.

Another option is displaying a canvas or large print at your reception.  This is a really stylish way to show off your bridal or engagement images.  Here we had a 24 x 36 canvas created from Cara’s bridal session, which was then displayed at her reception.

cara canvas Products in the Wild

You aren’t limited to one image….for instance, one of our storyboards would work out great as a display image as well.  Once your wedding is over, you have a nice big piece of artwork for your home, ready for mounting on your wall.  All of our canvases are completely finished on the back and can be framed as is, or you can add a traditional frame, if that’s more your style.

On a personal note, Andy and I get a real kick out of seeing our images being used at the reception.  Because we offer online proofing for our weddings, we usually are not around to see our clients’ reactions when we present their images.  But with guestbooks and display images, we almost always get to deliver these items in person, and it’s one of the most fun parts of our  job.  It may sound a little selfish, but it’s totally true.  :)