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Happy Monday everyone.  Yes, I know, Mondays and happiness do not normally mix.  But I’m staring at a “Happy Monday” sticker/coupon from Caribou Coffee that’s stuck to my monitor, so we are all going to embrace it and  pretend we are happy about Monday.  Positive thinking, rah, rah rah!  Maybe I’m just more chipper than normal because my significant other brought me a Pumpkin Spice Latte this morning from Starbucks, and now I’ve officially mentioned two coffee chains in one paragraph.  Do you see where my priorities lay today?

Anyway, we shot a fabulous wedding this past Friday aboard the Ovation Yacht and the word A-MAZING doesn’t even begin to sum it up.  Excellent, attentive staff, unbelievable food, and magnificent views of the Detroit and Windsor riverfront.  It was absolutely glorious.  It didn’t hurt that our couple looked like they should be celebrities and our bride ROCKED a gown identical to the one worn by Caroline Kennedy, with red shoes that made you drool just looking at them.   Whew!  I just had to gush about it for a second.  But now I’m moving on to the point of this post…..I know, you were thinking I didn’t have one, did you?  (I honestly can’t blame you, this is turning into a caffeine-induced tangent-laden mess, but I am getting there, I promise.)

A-hem. Our Vimeo Channel.

wpp vimeo Our Vimeo Channel

If you’ve been a very loyal blog reader you may have noticed that we used to post slideshows on our blog, and lately, I’ve been very remiss in including them.  My wedding posts tend to be so full of images that by the time I finish posting and writing about them, I just plain forget that we have a slideshow too.  Starting this spring, we’ve done things a little differently.  We’ve upgraded our slideshow software to a new product that lets us create HD slideshows, and also gives us the ability to create DVDs.  The new software also lets us use multiple songs and that in turn makes it very easy to add lots of images.  LOTS of images.  Our slideshows are now ridiculously long.  In the best possible way.  icon smile Our Vimeo Channel

In case you are wondering, the slideshows are a highlight from the wedding day – meaning these are not ALL the proofs our couples receive (not even close) but it is a good approximation of a “full wedding” in case you are a prospective client and want to see what a full day wedding looks like.  (Which is something I strongly recommend anyone shopping for photography to ask about.)

Because it literally takes hours (and sometimes days) to upload all the proofs from an event onto our proofing site, the slideshow is the first thing our clients see.  And now, because we are putting HD versions on Vimeo, you can actually click on the full screen button and see BIG pictures.  So far our new slideshows have been a hit with our clients.  And if you want a DVD copy added to your package, we now have the ability to do that.

So be sure to check out our Vimeo Channel if you’d like to see more of our work from this year!