Engaged: Elizabeth & Sam | Grosse Pointe, MI

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esession05 Engaged:  Elizabeth & Sam  |  Grosse Pointe,  MI

Say it with me now:  Awwwwwwwww. Seriously, how cute are they?  I love this image – the colors, the birdhouse, and how snuggley Elizabeth and Sam look. After careful consideration, I’ve decided “snuggley” is the right word here, whether it’s a real word or not!   Elizabeth grew up just a few streets away from us in Grosse Pointe Park and Sam is from Cadillac, MI.  They are both about to start careers as pediatric dentists, an industry where being cute and snuggley is definitely a bonus, I would think.  I am still a little bitter about the scary man my mom used to take me to, who told me, at 7 years old, that I would be in braces for “at least 10 years”.  Guess what?  My teeth grew in perfectly straight, so there! But the point I was trying to make is these two are adorable, and funny, and sweet, and they are totally the type of people my mom should have taken me to.  Okay then.

esession02 Engaged:  Elizabeth & Sam  |  Grosse Pointe,  MI

Also, before I go off on another tangent, let me just give a shout out to Columbus, OH photographer Andrea Roberts.  Her husband goes to school with Elizabeth, and when she was shopping for a photographer, Andrea helped review her choices and gave us the seal of approval!  Thanks Andrea!  (And if you are googling “Columbus” and “photography” and found this post, DO check out her site, her work is fabulous!)  :)

esession01 Engaged:  Elizabeth & Sam  |  Grosse Pointe,  MI

The “dip” shot on the right is collectively one of my favorites, one of Andy’s favorites, and one of Elizabeth & Sam’s favorites.  When we met up to design their Save the Date card, Sam reminded us that we never would have got this shot if Elizabeth hadn’t lost her keys.  I had completely forgot.  About 5 minutes into our engagement session, Elizabeth realized she had left her keys on her dad’s car.  Only one problem – her dad had left the house.   So we all started looking up and down the street, and we ended up getting these two shots.  (And the keys were found, turned out they were on top of her mom’s car, and she had left too, but another motorist saw them fall and returned them to her.  Happy ending for the keys, happy ending for our photo.  Everyone wins.)  Images like the ones above are one of the reasons I moved to Grosse Pointe Park.  We have the most amazing trees ever and I LOVE fall in this town.

esession03 Engaged:  Elizabeth & Sam  |  Grosse Pointe,  MI

After spending some time at Elizabeth’s house, we headed over to Patterson Park. We did another session there back in the spring and it’s interesting to see how different the place looks in autumn.  Sam & Elizabeth were kind enough to do our bidding, even if that meant lying down in semi-damp grass.

esession06 Engaged:  Elizabeth & Sam  |  Grosse Pointe,  MI

Finally, I’ll end this with another one of my favorites.  The colors in this image are just yummy.  :)

esession04 Engaged:  Elizabeth & Sam  |  Grosse Pointe,  MI

Elizabeth & Sam will be tying the knot this August, with their wedding and reception in Grosse Pointe.   We are very excited for their wedding, and we are also excited that they will be moving back to town once they finish up their dental training.  Looking forward to bumping into you guys again soon!  :)