Engaged: Amanda & Jeff

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bruff esession1 Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

We always enjoy challenging ourselves, and when Amanda & Jeff were only available to come out during one of the coldest weeks of winter, we had to figure out a way to meet their needs without all of us freezing our butts off.  As luck would have it,  we have a great community in Metro Detroit of helpful wedding vendors, and when our friends at Mod 4 Photographic invited us to use the studio at their Intergalactic Headquarters, we knew we’d be fools to say no.  So the images that follow are a bit different from our norm, because they are shot all indoors and with studio lights.  This was really fun for us in a very nerdy way because it’s completely different from the way we normally approach our engagement sessions.  While location shooting is really fun, I think I could get used to the studio life.  Just sayin!  icon smile Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

bruff esession2 3V Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

I am in love with the colors in this series and how adorable Amanda is.  SO glad she wore that scarf!  icon smile Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

bruff esession4 Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

Jeff was looking pretty handsome as well.  icon smile Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

bruff esession5V Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

bruff esession6 7V Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

One of Amanda’s requests was that we get a picture of her on tip-toes kissing Jeff.  icon smile Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

bruff esession8 9V Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

And to close, this series just makes me smile!

bruff esession10 Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

Amanda & Jeff – thanks so much for coming down to visit with us.  These images were really fun for us since it made us change up the way we normally work.  Thanks for your patience as we ironed out the kinks in our set-ups.  icon smile Engaged:  Amanda & Jeff

Amanda & Jeff will be getting married at the beginning of June, but we’ll be seeing them on February 14th when Jeff’s cousin is getting married!