Detroit Bridal Photo Shoot w/Lindsey

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lindsey1blog Detroit Bridal Photo Shoot w/Lindsey

Model:  Lindsey Nartker [Lindsey Nartker Designs]
Make-up:  DeVawn Testagrossa [Airbrush Michigan]

I stumbled across these images a few days ago and realized I had never blogged them.  Last year we participated in a local workshop with several of our fellow photographer friends for three days of model shoots.  One day was devoted to bridals, and Lindsey Nartker and her husband agreed to model.  Our friend DeVawn created a very edgy look that worked well with the grungy warehouse that was our set.  It’s always fun when we can work with other vendors outside of a wedding.  :)  Shoots like these are a fun way to recharge our batteries.

lindsey2blog Detroit Bridal Photo Shoot w/Lindsey

Andy did the post-production on the one above.  I think it’s epic.  We have to print this one up big for the studio.  :)

lindsey3blog Detroit Bridal Photo Shoot w/Lindsey

lindsey4blog Detroit Bridal Photo Shoot w/Lindsey

lindsey5blog Detroit Bridal Photo Shoot w/Lindsey

If you like this look and want to do something similar, consider adding a “Day After” session to your wedding package.  An extra session allows us to capture images in a location that would be impossible to get to on your wedding day due to time restraints.  For example, maybe you are planning a sophisticated downtown wedding, but you’d also love to get some pictures in an overgrown field at sunset out in the country.  Or maybe you enjoyed a traditional, classic-styled wedding, but you want to let loose and do something a little edgier or fun.  Talk to us and let’s brainstorm!  There are no rules with Day After sessions – and don’t be put off by the name, you can schedule the session whenever, in fact we recommend you wait a few days after the wedding so you have time to rest.  :)