Kami & Jeremy – Detroit Engagement Session

July 20, 2010 |  by  |  Engagement  |  Share

We have two brides named Kami this year and they both live in Royal Oak and they are both really fun and picked great locations for their e-sessions.  What are the chances?!?!  I’m so glad we got the opportunity to work with both of them!

kamijeremy1 Kami & Jeremy   Detroit Engagement Session

Oh! I just thought of another similarity – both had photo shoots at Comerica Park.  (Our other Kami went there on her wedding day!)  Does anyone else think these two girls need to get together and hang out? I know I’m getting off on a tangent, but it continues to amaze me how many of our current clients keep telling us that they recognized someone else on the blog – an acquaintance from high school or a former co-worker, etc.  It’s happened at least 5 times this year so far, isn’t that nuts?

After meeting at Comerica Park, we did a little exploring in the vicinity and found this:

kamijeremy2 Kami & Jeremy   Detroit Engagement Session

I LOVE this photo.  :)

kamijeremy3 Kami & Jeremy   Detroit Engagement Session

kamijeremy4 Kami & Jeremy   Detroit Engagement Session
From the heart of downtown, we jumped back in the car and ended our session in Eastern Market.  Eastern Market is full of all kinds of gritty textures, industrial decay and well, terrible smells (gotta be honest!) but it makes a great photographic backdrop.  This particular alley that I dragged them in was especially gross – and I have to thank them for trusting us and going with it.  I mean when else are you going to be able to hang out in a grungy alley in a cute little red dress?  :)

kamijeremy5 Kami & Jeremy   Detroit Engagement Session

Kami & Jeremy are getting married in September and we can’t wait! Thanks to both of you for a very fun session.  :)