Cara & Nick’s Wedding Album

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IMG 3754 Cara & Nicks Wedding Album

Hey everyone!  Somehow I let a month slip by without a post!  Eeek!  December was such a busy month for us as we worked hard to get all our late fall weddings edited and off to our clients.  Plus with the holidays and everything else….well you know how it is.  We were literally working up until the last moment of 2010 – we ended up second shooting a wedding with a good friend and local photographer on New Year’s Eve.  So we had a pretty busy New Years!  I hope everyone else had a great time over the holidays.

Things will be slightly less crazy from now until spring when wedding season ramps up all over again.  In the “downtime” we’ll be turning our attention into creating albums for our clients.  Ok, I have to admit, I am a bit infatuated with our album company.  I’m the biggest fangirl ever when it comes to the company we use.  The leathers and options they offer are intoxicating.  I’ve been known to spend hours at a time just playing with our leather swatches trying out different combinations.  If I could justify the expense, I’d be ordering a new sample album every week, because I want one in every color imaginable so I can show our clients how awesome they are.  So trust me, when an album arrives at our studio, I am as excited as you are to receive it.  It never gets old.

That said, here is a look at Cara & Nick’s lovely album.  They choose an 8×12 book, which is quickly becoming a very popular option amongst our clients.  The vertical format feels a little more modern, and 8×12 is a great size.  It feels substantial without being overly bulky in your lap.  The leather they chose is a newer option and one of my top favorites, it’s a textured black leather called “Ludicrous”.  It is super yummy and luxurious.

IMG 3738 Cara & Nicks Wedding Album
Can you almost smell the leathery goodness?

IMG 3758 Cara & Nicks Wedding Album

IMG 3765 Cara & Nicks Wedding Album

IMG 3768 Cara & Nicks Wedding Album

IMG 3771 Cara & Nicks Wedding Album

IMG 3778 Cara & Nicks Wedding Album

Here’s a sample spread:

IMG 3803 Cara & Nicks Wedding Album

Did they make a good choice or what?  I love it!