Sarah + Trevor Rock Out an E-session!

January 22, 2011 |  by  |  Engagement  |  Share

We had a blast working with Sarah and Trevor – we had a great initial consultation with them, where we learned that Trevor was a musician.  When it came time to shoot their engagement session, showcasing Trevor’s passion was one of our priorities.  He brought his guitar and these awesome vintage amps and Sarah rocked a cute polka-dot dress – we love the images we got!  It’s great when clients want to think outside the box and do something unique with their engagement session.  I feel like the sessions are always more meaningful to our couples when they do something that shows who they really are.  Don’t be afraid to incorporate your hobbies or interests into your session!

rochester engagement session1 Sarah + Trevor Rock Out an E session!

Their cute dachshund, Oscar, had to get in on the action too.  He’s very dignified looking, isn’t he?  I love dachshunds – I grew up with two of them.  My parents had them before me, so they were old dogs when I was old enough to play with them.  I always forget how spunky they really are.

rochester engagement session2 Sarah + Trevor Rock Out an E session!
rochester engagement session3 Sarah + Trevor Rock Out an E session!