Baby Gian Paolo

February 10, 2011 |  by  |  Babies & Kids, Newborns  |  Share

Say hello to Gian Paolo!  A couple weeks ago, Andy paid a visit to one of our colleagues, Devawn, and ended up doing a mini photo session featuring her adorable 1-month old son.  Aren’t his eyes amazing?!?  I love the sweet, soft expression on his face.  Here are a few more of our favorites:

Detroit Baby Photographer 02 Baby Gian Paolo

My birthday is on December 24th, and Andy’s is January 24th.  We had two friends due to give birth near our birthdays this year, and for fun, we were hoping they both would have their babies on the 24th.  But as luck would have it, Gian Paolo was born December 23rd, and our friend Brandi had Zaida on January 23rd.  (Those last few days before Brandi went into labor, we sent her lots of random iPhone pictures with the number 24 in them.  She didn’t take the hint.  t’s okay, Brandi. We won’t hold it against you.)

But I’m happy for Gian Paolo that he was born on the 23rd, because that’s one more day of cushion between his birthday and Christmas, and having a Christmas Eve birthday stinks, trust me on that one!  (Can you say “combination gift”?  Not to mention that you can forget about ever spending your birthday with your friends when you are younger, or having a birthday party on your actual birthday….or being able to go to a bar and hang out on your 21st birthday…..and, well I’ll just stop there.  But you get the point.)  Suffice it to say the handsome fellow above lucked out.  And if he wants to have a roller skating party on his actual birthday when he turns 12, he can do just that!

Congratulations to Devawn and her husband for bringing this dapper fellow into this world.  And for any parents or expectant parents out there, if you are interested in newborn or children’s photography, drop us a line.  While we have always specialized in weddings, we do offer portrait sessions as well, and this is an area we hope to expand on this year.