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Hi everyone!  It’s Friday and I’m pleased to unveil another new studio sample – this gorgeous 10×10 inch flush mount featuring Kami & Jeremy’s wedding. This cover is a new leather for our album manufacturer, and it appears I’m not the only photographer freaking out over it.  I have to admit, from the swatch, this is a REALLY hard leather to visualize as a cover.  In fact I really wasn’t sold on it at first, but Andy loved it immediately.  It took seeing a few examples online from other photographers to realize this was something we needed to add to our collection.   Once I unwrapped the box I was blown away. This will be a great addition to the studio.

Secret Garden Finao 03 New Sample Album

I have no idea how they create this leather, but if I had to guess, I think they use some kind of giant die to score the pattern into the leather and then peel off sections to reveal this pattern.  The dark sections are the top layer of leather….the lighter brown background is the suede-like  layer underneath.   This treatment gives every book a unique appearance.  It looks aged and well loved.  It’s an instant heirloom.

Secret Garden Finao 07 New Sample Album

Secret Garden Finao 02 New Sample Album

Secret Garden Finao 04 New Sample Album

Secret Garden Finao 05 New Sample Album

Secret Garden Finao 06 New Sample Album

Secret Garden Finao 08 New Sample Album

Here’s our 8×8 sample, the new one, and a 12×12 for comparison.  I’ll be talking more about the 12×12 next Friday, so you’ll have to wait until then to see more photos of it!

Secret Garden Finao 09 New Sample Album

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