Sample Album: Aimee + Chris

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I’m excited to share another album with you this Friday.  This is a sample we’ve had in our studio for awhile now – I photographed it in a rush months ago, never liked the photos, and didn’t get around to blogging it.  But I managed to get a few shots of it while I was photographing one of our other new samples, so voila! This bad boy is a 12×12 flush mount with an upgraded “Armour” cover.  According to our album maker, Armour is a metallic emulsion that has been adhered to a metal panel and then finished with a protective clear coat to guard against scratching.  It’s an extra thick cover, and very durable – arguably the most durable of the cover options that allow you to use a photo.  Because of the nature of printing on metal, these type of covers work best with either black & white images, or those with muted colors.  I thought it would look great with this shot of Aimee & Chris with the sun flare making things a bit hazy.  I think it’s a great fit!

Flush mount aimeechris 02 Sample Album:  Aimee + Chris

The spine and back of the book are wrapped in this exceptional crocodile embossed leather called Sagebrush Lizard.  It would make for a substantial and impressive cover on its own.  I am really starting to wish our album company dabbled in making handbags on the side. Because this would make for a yummy purse.

Flush mount aimeechris 03 Sample Album:  Aimee + Chris

Flush mount aimeechris 04 Sample Album:  Aimee + Chris

Flush mount aimeechris 05 Sample Album:  Aimee + ChrisSo what do you think?  I’m totally in love with it!  This book is always hanging out at our studio, so if you are local and want to take a look in person, just let us know!

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