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Rounding out this month of album posts, I’ve got a big, bold album to show off.  This is a 10 x 15 vertical format flush mount with an acrylic cover called ICE.  The ICE covers feature a metallic print overlaid with a thick protective acrylic coating.  Metallic prints are very contrasty and have that lovely metallic shimmer.   With the acrylic on top, it makes for a terrific presentation.

Flush mount krumble ice 02 New Studio Sample Album

The spine and back of this book are wrapped in a new leather called Krumble. It is has a lot of color and dimensionality in it – the slightly mottled way it is dyed gives the album a great character and an aged patina.  This leather is exclusive only to our book binder.  I continue to love these vertical format books.  This 10 x 15 is one size bigger in the same ratio as the 8 x 12′s I blogged about here and here.  We offer flush mounts in this vertical format in four different sizes, from an impressive 12 x 18 to a petite 6 x 9 – which would be a great size as a companion album with your e-session images or a small parent or grandparent album.

Flush mount krumble ice 03 New Studio Sample Album

Flush mount krumble ice 04jpg New Studio Sample Album

Flush mount krumble ice 05 New Studio Sample Album

To finish up, here is a photo showing a stack of our samples.  From top to bottom there’s an 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 12 x 12, and the 10 x15.  Looking at this image, it’s dawned on me how we tend to order warm browns for sample albums.  I’m gonna have to mix things up with my next sample order!  What would you all like to see next? A bold color?  Something cool-toned in whites and silver?  I still have more albums to order!

Flush mount krumble ice 06 New Studio Sample Album

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