Paint Under My Fingernails and a Confession

March 22, 2011 |  by  |  Personal  |  Share

I have to confess something.  I’ve let this blog turn into a chore.  I’m not proud to admit that, but it’s true.  And in doing so, it’s gotten away from one of the reasons it exists – to help our potential clients learn more about us.  When we were starting off in this business, I wrote personal posts a lot more frequently.  Part of that was simply because I didn’t have as much wedding and e-session content to fill the blog up with.  And I also had more time on my hands.  Now I have the opposite problem.  I have loads of content I have yet to share, and my cramped schedule means less time to blog.  I alluded to this a bit in my last post, but here I am really calling myself out on it.  I’ve been slacking.  I want people to become regular visitors and post comments, but I’m not doing my part to keep fresh content coming.  And I feel like our blog has become strictly business, and lost a little bit of its soul.

I’ve come to the realization lately that I’ve been treating blogging like a To Do list item.  And that’s not cool.

So no more.  I’m turning over a new leaf here, and I am going to be posting more, and including more personal info.  And hopefully I’ll be catching up on all the e-sessions and weddings I still have to blog before our season starts up again in May.  That’s kind of a tall order.  But if I end up slacking, I hope someone will call me out on it. Seriously.  The first person to point out that I’ve gone a week without blogging gets a Starbucks card on me.

So here’s what’s been up with us lately:

- We spent part of this weekend painting the entryway for our new studio space.  (Okay, I guess I’m letting the cat out of the bag here a bit.  This should probably be a post on its own.)  We transformed a dark green cave into a bright, BRIGHT little nook to house the Keurig and glassware and stuff.  We still have to do some decorating, but I think it will be cute.  In the meantime, I keep finding random flecks of yellow paint all over me, despite several showers.

- Our house is trying to kill us.  As if having to dig the entire backyard up last year to replace the sewer line wasn’t  adventure enough, we now have a leak upstairs that is causing water to drip though the ceiling into our kitchen.  And specifically, water is even leaking into our light fixtures.  Okay, perhaps this isn’t something anyone wants to know, but it’s what we are dealing with.  We are going to have to do some major repairs in the kitchen and I’m a bit freaked out on how to pay for that.  Re-modeling the circa 1950′s kitchen wasn’t exactly in the budget for this year.  My love for older houses is seriously starting to wane.  I’m thinking new construction in an Edward Scissorhands neighborhood really isn’t that bad of a thing.

- I’ve had Radiohead’s new album on just about constant repeat since it came out.  I am a huge, HUGE Radiohead fan and have been since Pablo Honey came out in 1993.  And holy crap did writing that sentence ever make me feel old – it’s 2011 now people. 1993. Ouch. It seems likely they will tour North America this year so we’ll be looking to score tickets for Toronto or Chicago, or both.   Radiohead refuses to come to Detroit  Either because of an alleged mishap the one and only time they played the State Theatre, or because someone has alerted the band to the fact that I really, really want to kidnap Thom Yorke.  So a Radiohead tour = road trip for me.  Sometime I’ll tell you about the time I had front row seats for a show in Wisconsin and my stupid car broke down in downtown Chicago.  I would never put up with so much grief for any other band.

- Let’s see, what else?  Andy has been busy doing some second shooting to help out a friend re-structuring her business.  He’s also doing some interior photography.  We are playing a lot on pinterest gathering ideas for our new space (which I wasn’t supposed to mention yet).  I am trying to finally get some wall art up in our own home, which has embarrassingly naked walls.  I am counting the days until I can pull the Vespa out of the garage.  The vespa got majorly neglected last year because we were so busy with weddings.  But I am going to make up for it this year.