Alan + Suma

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Alan is one cool dude.  I have to admit, when we first met him, we weren’t completely sure if he was for real or not.  Not many guys take it upon themselves to locate and interview their wedding photographer.  (We always prefer for the grooms to come to our consults, but it’s almost always the brides that are our first point of contact.)  And when Alan came to our meeting not with his bride, but a friend and photo-enthusiast in tow, we were even a little more curious.  He told us he was interested in photography and had booked a few weddings – so we weren’t completely sure if he was looking for a wedding photographer, or just window shopping.  It’s not uncommon in our business to get emails from “brides” who are really photographers that want pricing.  But regardless, we liked Alan immediately, and spent close to two hours chatting enthusiastically about photography and gear. Regardless of the outcome, we had really enjoyed making a new photo-friend.  So when we wrapped up the meeting and he decided to book us on the spot, we were very excited!

We came to learn that Alan was planning the entire wedding by himself, as his fiance was attending medical school out of state.  We finally met Suma at their engagement session just a few days before their wedding. What struck me then, seeing them interact, was how incredibly sweet they are together.  Alan was a proud and smitten groom, and Suma was all smiles when he was around.

Alan did a terrific job with the wedding planning, while juggling his career as a pharmacist.  It was a real treat and a privilege to witness their wedding.  Andy has spent time in India, and actually attended a wedding in India, so he is a little better versed on the traditions and customs than I am.  Regardless, we both learned a lot photographing this wedding and it was fascinating seeing how Alan and Suma’s heritage fused with their Christian faith.  Here are some of our favorite images – enjoy!

alan suma wedding 02 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 03 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 04 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 05 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 06 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 07 Alan + Suma

Suma got ready at a hotel while Alan got prepared at this family’s home.  Their priest visited with them both before they left for church to lead their families in prayer. alan suma wedding 08 Alan + Suma

Their ceremony was held at St. George Church of Troy.

alan suma wedding 09 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 10 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 11 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 12 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 13 Alan + Suma

This little girl totally cracks me up.  icon smile Alan + Suma

alan suma wedding 14 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 15 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 16 Alan + Suma

alan suma wedding 17 Alan + SumaAnd married!  One of my favorite images of the day lately has been the recessional shot.  Almost universally, the sense I get from these jubilant walks down the aisle is “Whoo, we can relax now!  Time to party!”

We made a brief stop at a local park to get a few more images before heading to the reception at Bella Banquet Hall.

alan suma wedding 181 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 19 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 20 Alan + Suma

When we were making our way back to the parking lot and I spotted this ice cream truck, I pretty much demanded that Alan get some ice cream.  I loved the vivid colors in this scene.alan suma wedding 21 Alan + SumaSo cute!

alan suma wedding 22 Alan + Suma

Alan truly outdid himself with the reception planning.  In addition to a number of choreographed dances presented during the evening, his friends had also made this hilarious video re-enacting Alan & Suma’s courtship.  It was a blast.  I could fill up another blog posts with just reception details.  Also, Alan thanked all his vendors during his speech, including us.  Classy move!  We were touched!alan suma wedding 23 Alan + Suma

Love this first dance image – Suma looks so happy!alan suma wedding 24 Alan + Sumaalan suma wedding 25 Alan + Suma

This is just a sampling of the amazing reception details we got.  The dancers were terrific, the kids were adorable, and the dance floor was never empty.  So fun! alan suma wedding 26 Alan + Suma

Alan & Suma – thank you SO much for letting us be part of your day.  We had a blast.  I am hoping the weather in Atlanta is treating you better than Michigan is treating us.  And Alan – good luck with your photography – you have a great eye and natural talent!