ALBUM FRIDAY: Heather & Tom

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I’ve got another great album to show off this Friday.  A set of albums actually!  Heather & Tom got married at River Birch Lodge and we created a beautiful 48-page 10×10 album for them, and an 8×8 parent copy, both in the beautiful Secret Garden leather that I blogged about earlier here.  These albums are absolutely gorgeous!  I can’t get enough of them.  They also decided to add a press printed album as a second parent album.  I couldn’t resist taking some photos before we carefully wrapped them up and shipped them off.  First off, here are the flush mount albums:

west park flush mount 031 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom

west park flush mount 04 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom

It was such a treat photographing these two albums.  The first thing you notice is the lovely textured cover and the size of these books.  These are big, thick, heavy, luxurious albums.  Heather and Tom were unwilling to sacrifice any part of the day when it came to their album design, and I applaud them for it.  These books really tell the entire story, and showcase many of the rustic and charming details that made their event so unique.  I think the leather they chose really suited them, and the theme of their event.  Here is a close-up of the back cover so you can see the whole effect.  west park flush mount 06 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tomwest park flush mount 02 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom

I love, love, love this leather!  Sometimes it’s so bittersweet sending these out the door to clients that live out of state, because I selfishly want to see their reactions when they see their albums.  west park flush mount 051 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tomwest park flush mount 07 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom

west park flush mount 12 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom

And here is the whole enchilada – the two flush mounts and the press printed book..  We offer both flush mount and pressbook parent albums. The flush mount albums are leather bound, with thick pages and true photographic prints. They are the ultimate heirloom piece to remember your day with. Press books are a more affordable option. They are available with faux leather or silk covers and the images are press printed on paper instead of using real photographs.  These books feature a layflat binding that gives a similar presentation to the flush mount books, which are designed to open flat so the entire spread can be seen.

west park flush mount 08 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom

Heather & Tom chose a faux leather called Foxdowns for this album.  I know the term “faux leather” brings about the image of those terrible cheap vinyl-looking fake bonded leathers.  I’m not a fan.  But these “vegan leathers”, as our album company calls them, are SO SUPER NICE.  Seriously. They are durable, and have a substantial feel similar to real leather.  The covers are lightly padded and really present beautifully.  I also love the two-tone effect of the texture in this cover material.  There are actually several different colors available in this “leather”.  Before their wedding, Heather & Tom ordered engagement albums for their parents in a slightly different shade of this material, so they will complement nicely with their wedding albums.west park flush mount 11 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom

Like the flush mounts, there’s also an option to include an image cut out on the front of the book.

west park flush mount 09 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom

See how lovely this material is?
west park flush mount 10 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom

To finish up, here are a couple sample spreads from the book.  If you’d like to see more photos from their wedding, you can check out their blog post here.

west park flush mount 13 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom
west park flush mount 14 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom
west park flush mount 15 ALBUM FRIDAY:  Heather & Tom

Well that’s it for today.  I have a really stylish album to show off next week, so be sure to check back!  :)

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