Album Friday: Kami & Jeremy’s Album

April 15, 2011 |  by  |  Albums  |  Share

Okay, first off, if you haven’t checked out Kami & Jeremy’s wedding post yet, what are you waiting for?  Here’s the album we created for them – a sophisticated and daring combination of femme noir and suspicion.  (Our album company likes to be creative with swatch names.)  I didn’t have much time to photograph this book before we delivered it, so I apologize for the rather boring background.  This book deserves a backdrop as stylish as it is.  But I wasn’t going to hold up an album delivery for my own pathological need to photograph each album that passes through our studio.

I was so pleased that Kami decided to get a bit bold with her two-tone cover choice.  Just as your wedding is a unique event, your album deserves to be a one-of-a-kind as well.

10x10 album silver black 01 Album Friday:  Kami & Jeremys Album

One of the best things about a new album?  NEW ALBUM SMELL!  (So much better than new car smell.)  This leather is so rich and yummy.

10x10 album silver black 03 Album Friday:  Kami & Jeremys AlbumCheck out the beautiful workmanship where the two leathers are joined together.  Like buttah!

10x10 album silver black 04 Album Friday:  Kami & Jeremys Album10x10 album silver black 05 Album Friday:  Kami & Jeremys Album10x10 album silver black 06 Album Friday:  Kami & Jeremys Album

Tell me this isn’t going to be a showstopper when Kami wants to show off her wedding photos to her friends and family?

Want to see more albums?  Check out the album section on our blog.  Happy Friday!