Hayley + Joel’s Engagement Session

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This was such a fun session!  We met up with Hayley & Joel in downtown Berkley to kick things off.  My parents used to own a business in Berkley so I spent a lot of time there when I was in my teens.  It was nice to walk around again and see what has changed.  I’ve always really liked the cute little downtown area there.  There are some nice storefronts with really great colors and textures (the things you notice as a photographer).  Berkley EngagementSesssion 02 Hayley + Joels Engagement SessionBerkley EngagementSesssion 03 Hayley + Joels Engagement Session

This old theatre in Berkley shut down many years ago, but the city was wise enough to preserve the sign and use it as a community message board.  (It’s now a drugstore, of all things!)Berkley EngagementSesssion 04 Hayley + Joels Engagement SessionBerkley EngagementSesssion 05 Hayley + Joels Engagement Session

Our second location was the U of M Dearborn Ice Arena.  Joel is a hockey player, and he’s spent hours playing on this ice, and Hayley has spent hours cuddled up in the bleachers watching him.  We have to give props to Hayley for having such a great idea!  We love when our clients choose a location that means something to them – even if it’s not the first place you’d think of for an engagement session!

DearbornIceArena EngagementSession 01 Hayley + Joels Engagement SessionIt took us a few minutes to set up lighting for the two shots on the ice, but I love how dramatic they turned out.DearbornIceArena EngagementSession 02 Hayley + Joels Engagement Session

DearbornIceArena EngagementSession 03 Hayley + Joels Engagement Session

Hayley & Joel – thanks for being such great subjects!  We are looking forward to your wedding!

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