Gian Paolo’s 6-Month Portraits

July 8, 2011 |  by  |  Babies & Kids  |  Share

Hey there!  I couldn’t resist a bit of late night blogging, because I was excited to share this little guy that we photographed at our studio today!  Andy did his 1-month portrait five months ago, and today baby Gian Paolo stopped by the studio for his 6-month portrait.  He was SO good – and he really knew how to rock a fedora!  Here are a few more of my favorites:

gianpaolo facebook3 Gian Paolos 6 Month Portraits

When I got to these close-ups in editing, I instantly thought they would make for a great storyboard canvas.    Love this series of expressions!

4 up GianPaolo facebook Gian Paolos 6 Month Portraits

This one makes me laugh.  :)
gianpaolo facebook41 Gian Paolos 6 Month Portraits

gianpaolo facebook2 Gian Paolos 6 Month Portraits

Now that we are in our new studio, we plan to offer more baby and children sessions.  We’ll be announcing a promotion soon, but if you are looking to get a portrait done of your kids, now is a great time to get a hold of us, because we’ll have some great deals.  (Hint, hint!)  :)

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