Keri & Sam – Lake Michigan Beach Engagement Session

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I think I set a bad precedent in my last post, putting up preview images from sessions we haven’t completely finished editing yet.  Because now I can’t resist sharing a sneak peek from a recent session we did at the Holland State Park on the shores of Lake Michigan.  icon smile Keri & Sam   Lake Michigan Beach Engagement Session

Keri & Sam wanted a different feel for their engagement session, so we headed to the west coast of Michigan which is home to some of the prettiest beaches in the state.  It was a long drive for everyone, and a pretty muggy day (the humidity in Michigan seems especially relentless this year).   We had to spent some time scouting since none of us were all that familiar with that part of the state.  But I think we ended up at a fantastic location and were able to get a look that’s hard to find on the east coast waterfront closer to home.  The image above is one of my favorites so far.  I am kinda jealous of the Grand Rapids photographers who get to do these kinds of sessions all the time!

On a more personal note, the drive home was a major achievement for me.  Since Andy entered my life, he’s become sort of my personal chauffeur.  The result is that I no longer have any endurance when it comes to long drives.  Being in a car for more than 40 minutes puts me to sleep.  Sam & Keri graciously offered to take us out to dinner after our session, so we didn’t hit the road until around 11pm.  Andy got behind the wheel but almost immediately was dangerously sleepy and I was nodding off myself.  We resigned ourselves to having to take a quick nap at a rest stop, but after stretching my legs, I decided to try to drive.  I really wanted to sleep in my own bed and get home to the dog since we had been gone all day.  I had to resort to some strange devices to stay awake (asking Andy to pull on my hair, pinching myself really hard) but I fought off sleep long enough to get us home.  I watched the minutes click away on the GPS until I finally rolled into the driveway at 2:30am, delirious, but pleased with myself .

I know that’s a really lame thing to brag about, but what can I say?  Andy has made me a really lazy driver!

Keri & Sam were fun to work with and we are really looking forward to their wedding on the Ovation next month.  Stay tuned for more photos from this session!  icon smile Keri & Sam   Lake Michigan Beach Engagement Session



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