Wish Upon A Wedding Michigan Launch Event

January 19, 2012 |  by  |  Studio News  |  Share

Earlier this week, we drove out to The Crofoot in Pontiac to support our friend Lindsey Nartker’s Wish Upon a Wedding launch event.  Wish Upon a Wedding is a non-profit organization granting weddings to couples facing an extreme hardship – one of them has been diagnosed with a terminal disease.  This organization works with all couples, regardless of sexual orientation.  Founded just a couple years ago, WUW is still forming chapters in states nationwide, and Michigan is one of the newest chapters.  Lindsey, who is the owner of Flourish Event Design, is president of the Michigan chapter, and Tuesday’s event was all about explaining WUW to local event vendors and gathering volunteers.

We were shown the video below, which I think sums up what this is all about.  Take a look:

We think this is a really worthwhile cause and signed up to be volunteers on the spot.

As photographers, an organization like this really drives home the importance of what we do.  The reason Andy and I started this business wasn’t because we like photographing flowers in mason jars, or posing a troupe of bridesmaids in an ironically-casual grouping.  We fell in love with this type of photography because we enjoyed having a glimpse into a family’s history.  We are in the business of preserving memories, and not to sound self-aggrandizing, but this is significant.  Photography is not something just to be enjoyed by you, it’s a historical document, a gift to your family, and friends, and an investment that becomes more important with time.  It may even become priceless.  Photography gives a tangibility to something that’s completely intangible and fleeting – time.

Wish Upon a Wedding reminds us all to take nothing for granted, and to celebrate and document love.  That’s something we can all do, fancy camera or not.

I’m giving you all homework:  Take a photo today.