How I spent my summer vacation.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done any kind of personal update, so I thought I’d write a post that isn’t about weddings or babies!

We recently took a few days off and went to Toronto, where we had tickets to see Sigur Ros.  (This has been a great summer for music, we saw Radiohead back in June in Detroit.  That alone should have deserved its own post, because I’ve been a fan for so long, and I have always had to travel outside of Michigan to see them play. Finally seeing them in Detroit was a momentous occasion and a novelty in itself.  So was being close enough for Thom Yorke to sweat on me. Again. But I digress.)

The Sigur Ros concert was also incredible.  I’ve seen them three times now, and once with just Jonsi when he did his solo tour.  They never fail to be amazing.  I can’t tell you the hours I’ve spent glued to headphones with their albums, and seeing them live is even better.

I can’t find a youtube video from the concert we attended that’s really decent – apparently the Sigur Ros youtubers lack the steady hands of the Radiohead fans.  So I’ll share this video instead, of a concert in Iceland – where everyone, including the band is wearing hats, and Fair Isle sweaters – and there’s bonfires.  This video is making me nostalgic for fall. And now I want a pumpkin latte.

cntower toronto How I spent my summer vacation.(Not bad for a total grab shot from the passenger side seat, eh?)  Eh. OMG I’m still talking Canadian.

While we were only gone just a few days, it was actually the first “real” vacation Andy and I have taken in 6 years.  As in, we didn’t have a work-related ulterior motive for our travel.  I’m not going to lie, as much as we love our business, it was lovely to take a little breather and not think about it at all.  And it made it obvious how overdue such an excursion was – we both really needed time in a new environment to recharge and find inspiration. So rather than hitting the usual tourist destinations, we bought day passes for the transit system and spent most of our time on the street, testing out two new cameras we’ve been playing with, and going where our whims took us.

toronto street photography 02 How I spent my summer vacation.

I guess you can take the photographers out of the Motown but you can’t take the Motown out of….Toronto?

toronto street photography 03 How I spent my summer vacation.

I absolutely loved being able to leave our car in the parking structure and just take the subway, streetcars, and buses to get around.  The bus even dropped us off right in front of the entrance to the condo we were staying at.  I have doubts it will ever happen, but I’d love to see real, usable mass transit in the Detroit area.

I haven’t even had time to fully look through my photos, so perhaps I’ll post a few more later. I’ll leave you with this deliciously creepy photo Andy took of an abandoned house he discovered while driving around Detroit.

detroit street photography 01 How I spent my summer vacation.