Shooting Film

March 9, 2013 |  by  |  Film, Personal  |  Share

Last year Andy and I found a great deal on a Hasselblad that we just couldn’t pass up. I think it’s fair to say that’s a camera we’ve both dreamed of owning for a long time. We went for a couple walks, took some photos, and even carried it to a couple sessions.  Then we got swept up into wedding season and promptly forgot about it.

Last weekend I pulled it out to shoot some portraits, and finally threw all our old film in a bag and sent it out for developing.

We got the scans and prints back yesterday and my first thought was WHAT TOOK US SO LONG?  Even though we both started as film shooters – we even each had darkrooms in our parents’ basements – we’re old school like that….and well….old – it’s been years since either of us has used film.  Filters that mimic film are all the rage right now, but there’s something to be said for the real thing.

hasselblad photo 01 Shooting Film

These were all taken within about 3 blocks of our house.  I love 6×6 format so much.  I think we’ll definitely be bringing this camera out more as the weather warms up.  If you’re a client and you’d like part of your wedding or engagement shot on film, get in touch with us.

hasselblad photo 02 Shooting Film

Oh, and ironically, the photo on the top of the Hasselblad?  Shot it with my iPhone.  :)