Packard Plant + The Heidelberg Project

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Happy Friday all.  Hope we’re not boring you with all our film posts lately, but we are still having lots of fun with our medium format cameras.  Here are some scans we just got back from the last two weekends.

We’ve driven through the Packard Plant a few times, but this was the first time we actually showed up with serious cameras.  That place is a mess.  A fascinating, dangerous mess. So I was kind of surprised that there was a family there with young kids climbing up over heaps of debris and entering the buildings.  Hope they had their tetanus shots!

Who am I kidding? If Andy hadn’t been with me, I probably would have been venturing into the scarier parts too.  I am missing whatever gene gives people pause when they come across dangerous decaying urban places.  I think it kind of freaks Andy out.

packard plant detroit 01 Packard Plant + The Heidelberg Project

We also re-visited the Heidelberg Project.  Every time we are there, we see stray (?) cats. Usually they are wary of the multitudes of strangers who come to poke around.  But this cat below was SUPER friendly and came up and immediately started meowing conversationally with us.  And posing.  This poor thing was so pathetic in the snow that I really wanted to bring it home.  The next time you visit bring cat treats for this cat.  If I go it will come home with me.

heidelburg kitty Packard Plant + The Heidelberg Project

heidelburg shoes Packard Plant + The Heidelberg Project

heidelburg project detroit Packard Plant + The Heidelberg Project

heidelburg yellowhouse Packard Plant + The Heidelberg Project


Ever since I moved into my house in Grosse Pointe Park, the architecturally fantastic Standard Oil station just blocks away has stood depressingly empty. It had such wonderful charm and character, but it was too small and grungy inside to really do much with.  There was talk and talk and talk about businesses that were going to move in there.  Each time I heard the new idea, I was hit with a pang of dread – worried the charm would be stripped down.  I wanted it myself for a studio but I knew I could never afford all the work it would require.  (But seriously, how amazing would it have been as a photography studio?)

This past March, after a really thoughtful expansion that blends almost seamlessly into the existing building, the Standard Oil station has been re-invented as a new restaurant, Red Crown.  I haven’t been there yet – every time we drive or walk by the place is packed.  But I’m thrilled they did such an awesome job fixing it up while keeping the building’s elegant bones intact.

red crown grosse pointe park 02 Packard Plant + The Heidelberg Project

red crown grosse pointe park Packard Plant + The Heidelberg Project

Thanks for stopping by the blog.  Hope you all have a good weekend.  It’s supposed to actually be semi-warm.  Maybe spring is finally on its way.