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For the past two years, West Park Photography has been quietly offering Boudoir Sessions to our clients at their request.  The response we’ve gotten from our clients has been fantastic.   While the Boudoir Session has been all the rage lately in California, and is becoming more and more popular in the South, a lot of people in the Midwest aren’t familiar with the term.  We frequently have brides at our consults ask us “What the heck is a boudoir session anyway?”  This page is a primer to Boudoir 101.  :)

What exactly is a Boudoir Session?
A Boudoir Session is a private portrait session that celebrates YOU.  It’s about being beautiful, glamourous, flirty, and showing a little attitude.  The session can be as demure or as edgy as you want it to be.

So, like…do I get nekkid?
No.  Boudoir is more about the power of suggestion rather than showing a lot of skin.  We suggest bringing lingerie and outfits that you love and feel confident in.

Who will be there?
Typically Andy and Lynn both photograph these sessions together.  However, if you feel more comfortable just working with a woman, Lynn can come alone.   You are more than welcome to bring a friend with you if it will make you feel more comfortable.

Where is the session?  Are there location fees?
Clients may choose to have their session at their house, at the studio, or at a hotel.  So far hotels have been our most popular choices and we are happy to recommend a few we have worked at before.  Clients are responsible for securing & paying for hotel rooms.

What can I expect?
We begin by visiting for a bit and talking about your goals for the session, what outfits you bought, and “the look” you envision.  Our sessions typically last 1-2 hours and involve 2-3 outfit changes, and we will do a variety of poses to capture a lot of different looks.  We’ll start off with some simple close-up portraits and work our way to poses that show off more of your body.  Throughout the session we’ll be coaching you and demonstrating the poses that will be most flattering. If you’ve been photographed by us before, this type of session will feel more directed and “posed”, but we’ve found that our clients appreciate having that extra direction during boudoir sessions.

Will my images be kept private?
Yes, absolutely.  All images are captured digitally and are edited in-house by Lynn.  All product orders are sent to professional labs who assure us that the files will remain private.  You have the choice of having your proofs uploaded to a password-protected gallery or coming in to our studio for a proof viewing/ordering session.   Occasionally we may run specials on sessions for clients willing to let us use their images in our online portfolio, but this is only after they sign a model release.

Who does these kinds of sessions?
Our boudoir clients are professionals, school teachers, brides, moms, and generally awesome people in all ages and sizes.

Why do a Boudoir Session?
Many woman choose to do the session as a present for their fiance or husband, but leave the session realizing that they really did it for themselves.  Everyone deserves to feel gorgeous, desirable, and to experience life as a supermodel.  It’s a very empowering session for many of our clients.  Maybe it’s to celebrate a milestone, of for an anniversary gift, or just to embrace the fact that you are awesome and deserve to be pampered.  :)

Hair? Make-up?
Yes, please.  Using a professional make-up artist and hairstylist will not only make for better photos, but will give you added confidence – don’t you always feel better after a great haircut?  You’ll want to consider having manicure/pedicure as well.  Consider this your excuse for a spa day.  :)  Again, we’d be happy to recommend a stylist.

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