Wedding Vendors We Love

A great team of vendors makes for a very smooth, worry-free wedding day.  Below is a list of vendors we have previously worked with and who we felt did a fantastic job.  We feel very confident recommending them.


- Vendors are not listed in any particular order.
- I chose people that are not only great at what they do, but are kind, easy-going people that we enjoy working events with.
- This list is by no means inclusive, I am probably forgetting some people, and I really hope they email me so I can add them.  There are also tremendous local vendors that who’s work we’ve admired but haven’t worked with personally yet.
- Some vendors I have extra comments for, either because we are really good buddies with them, or by the luck of the draw, we have worked with them more often than others, so I’ve got more to say.
- If you decide to contact any of these vendors, please tell them we referred you!

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091107emilyryan 0899 Vendor Love

I can’t stress enough how much a good wedding coordinator improves a wedding day.  I think there’s this idea that a wedding coordinator means “BIG EXPENSIVE WEDDING” but that doesn’t have to be the case.  A good coordinator can not only work with your budget, but can help you get the best bang for your buck.  And having a day-of coordinator just makes sense.  Having someone there to answer questions and keep things running smoothly means you (and your parents) have less interruptions and you can simply enjoy your day.  It’s also worth noting that when there isn’t a coordinator, your other vendors end up doing some coordination duties.  Hiring a coordinator lets your vendors focus on what you hired them for.  They also tend to make sure we get plenty of time with our  couples for photography, so we love them for that too!  :)

Flourish Event Design
Owner: Lindsey Narker
We shared a meeting space with Lindsey for two years, so we not only got to know her work well, but became friends as well.  In addition to full and day-of wedding coordination, Lindsey also does floral design.  Her weddings are elegant and unique to each couple, and she and her team are a delight to work with on a wedding day.

Two Foot Creative
Owner: Ana Skidmore
Ana is another great coordinator  who’s events are creative and fun.

vendor post eventdesign Vendor Love

An event designer can help you with your decor, theme, and all your paper products (invitations, place cards, etc.).  Some coordinators are event designers and vice versa, but not all do both.  I’m also lumping “candy table” vendors in here too, because the event designers we work with most frequently does those as well.

Dooby Design
Owner: Aisha Holly
Aisha’s work is consistently stunning.  When we work with her, she’s always showing us images she’s pulled from the latest fashion magazines, and she tends to favor a look that is elegant and glam.   I love working with her because I know there will always be fantastic details to photograph.

Unforgettable Candy Buffet
Michele Furnier (734) 308-3853
Linda James (734) 845-7742
This company did the candy table below, and what I really liked about them is that they stayed all night to make sure everything was stocked and stayed pretty.  They did a wonderful job and were really nice!

vendor post candybuffet Vendor Love

vendor post dj Vendor Love


A good DJ is not only one that keeps people moving on the dance floor, but one that carefully guides the reception events along smoothly, while keeping the tone of the reception intact.  Nothing is worse than a cheesy DJ at an otherwise elegant wedding, or someone stuffy at a free-spirited reception.  I also caution people NOT to use a friend who’s an amateur.  Awkward gaps in the music, feedback, and blown speakers are just some of the things I have seen happen when people didn’t use a professional.  Amateurs also don’t realize the importance of working with the other vendors – it’s imperative that  your photographer and videographer know when reception events happen, especially if they are seated in another room during dinner.

Mary Ann Productions
Owner: Mary Ann Ross
Mary Ann is the classiest DJ we have ever worked with, hands down.  She books way in advance, so don’t wait.

vendor post flowers Vendor Love


Clever Bumblebee Creations
Owner: Lynn Jovick
Lynn doesn’t have a website (the link above is to her Facebook page) so it’s really hard to see examples of her work online.  That said, Lynn has some some of the most creative floral work I’ve seen.  See some examples from Kathleen and Eric’s wedding here on our blog.

New Creations by Kate
Owner: Kate
Kate’s bouquets are little works of art.  We’ve been fortunate that we’ve worked with her several times.  Photo above is from a shoot we did with Kate.

Flourish Event Design
Owner: Lindsey Narker
We shared a meeting space with Lindsey for two years, so we not only got to know her work well, but became friends as well.  In addition to full and day-of wedding coordination, Lindsey also does floral design.  Her weddings are elegant and unique to each couple, and she and her team are a delight to work with on a wedding day. (And yes, she is listed twice here!)

vendor post makeup Vendor Love

At the risk of sounding snobby, I really wish every bride used a professional make-up artist for their wedding (and engagement or boudoir session).  Not only will you enjoy feeling pampered and gorgeous on your wedding day, but you can feel confident that your make-up will last the entire day. A good make-up artist can accentuate your best features and minimize any flaws to your complexion.  This translates into photos that you will like better because you look great in them.  Yes, there’s always Photoshop, but realize that extensive retouching is usually an added expense, and there’s only so much we can do if your make-up is not applied well or wears off.

Also, when it comes to make-up, airbrush is absolutely, positively the way to go.  You will get the best and most even coverage, it’s long lasting, more resistant to water, and doesn’t feel heavy on your face.

Owner: Danielle Dearman

Tammy Pore Make-Up
Owner: Tammy Pore

Okay, you didn’t seriously think I was going to list our competitors here did you?  :)  I am running a business here!  If you contact us and we are booked for your date, I do have a handful of talented photographers I like to refer people to.  With digital cameras getting less and less expensive, there is this huge crop of newbie photographers that think they can charge money for what they do.  Before choosing a photographer, be sure to find out their level of experience, look through a couple of full weddings so you can get an idea of their consistency throughout the day, and make sure they are a real business with a tax ID number and the appropriate insurance.  (There’s about a million other things I’d check for as well, but this post is mostly about other wedding vendors.)

West Park Photography 
Owners: Andy & Lynn
Holy crap, these guys are awesome!  :P


Like photography, wedding photography has come a long way in the last few years.  Our favorite videographers take a modern, cinematic approach to wedding coverage.  It’s no longer about some guy guy with a camcorder and a tripod, today’s videographers are creating art.  Be sure to chose someone who works in HD, like the companies below.

3rd Street Films
Owner: Jamie Honce

Two Penny Productions
Owner: Hyun Suh

When you choose wedding vendors, I highly recommending choosing companies that specialize in ONE thing.  You will see a huge discrepancy in terms of quality when a company offers a menu of services (like DJing, photography, and videography.)  Anyone offering to package different services for a special price should be scrutinized. I am not saying it’s impossible for there to be this amazing vendor that does everything well, I’m just saying that in five years working in the Metro-Detroit wedding market, I have yet to find one.

When it comes to photography and videography, chose the absolute best person you can afford, even if you have to give up products in the package you can’t afford right away (like an album or digital files).  You can always buy that stuff later, but you can’t do anything if your photos or video disappoints you because your vendor stunk.

I also recommend dealing with reputable small businesses, rather than national chains because a small business is more likely to be run by people passionate about what they do.  Which means on your wedding day, you’ll get a videographer that LOVES making artistic films rather than hourly employee that is just doing this as a job and isn’t counting the minutes until it’s over.